Commitment To Waste

Committed To Reducing Waste

LAND Leather is strongly committed to responsibly managing it's footprint on the world.The raw hides used by our tanneries and for our leather goods are the by-products that have been discarded from the food industry in production of meat for human consumption. Our hides are all individually inspected prior to cutting and we have committed ourselves to keeping a watchful eye on the excess waste of each hide. We get the most out of each hide by using scrap leather pieces to make smaller leather goods. This aides us in our commitment of reducing waste on every level. 

Our Tanning Methods

We have also recently committed ourselves to changing the methods in which our hides are tanned. Previously, 80% of our hides were tanned in the chrome method, meaning heavy and harsh chemicals were used when producing these hides. As of 2017 we have begun to convert the tanning method of our hides to the more eco-friendly and bio-degradable vegetable tanning method which uses natural vegetable tannins and various tree bark types to give a leather hide it's wonderful finish.

We continue to make daily strides in the impact we have on the environment.