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There are nearly 4 million yearly college and university graduates that embark on the next phase of their professional careers. Some might already know their passions on graduation day; none know the adventures that await. We want your help equipping these future entrepreneurs, office assistants, doctors, accountants, attorneys, craftworkers, and many others with the right leather good to help them achieve their goals and accomplishments.

Our Grad & Grow Program is designed to help our long time LAND Lover's pass down some of their beloved leather goods and also assist young men and women who are currently enrolled in college and university chasing their dreams.

The benefits are mutual.

Customers donating are able to pass down leather goods that may not be used often any longer and earn credit towards future online purchases. Students receiving the leather goods are given a high quality leather good that will carry them through college and the early part of their careers. Our hope and goal is simple. Equip our future generations with a leather good that can serve them through the most important and integral parts of their young careers and stand alongside them for each moment of success and obstacles they overcome. 


Step 1: Submit your LAND Leather Good with a few simply pieces of information filled out and some detailed pictures.

Step 2: Shop your leather good to us for inspection to make sure it meets the standards needed to qualify. You are responsible for shipping to us.

Step 3: After a quick review by our team, we will inform you via email if your item has been accepted or denied. We will ship back any denied leather goods that do not meet our list of requirements.

Step 4: You've been approved! As a 'Thank You' for donating your leather good, we will send you a onetime promo code with a value of up to $75.00 valid for for us on our online store within 6 months of the date of issue. Can be applied to any order over $200.00