With his enduring love for leather and constant drive for perfection, LAND Leather has become what it is today - a beautiful collection of stylish and fashionable leather goods of uncompromising quality, to be appreciated by consumers seeking the very best craftsmanship leather has to offer. Jimmey Iszler never considered short-cuts and vowed to only offer his customers the highest quality leather products, period.
Although Jimmey is no longer with us, his vision of producing and selling uncompromised leather products remains steadfast. Brand loyalty for LAND products over the last 48 years has been nothing short of exceptional, thanks in large part to Jimmey's unwavering pursuit of perfection. His design influence and constant attention to detail has resulted in many signature LAND design elements that have positioned LAND as one of the highest-quality leather brands available, including water resistant linings, premium durable zippers, our signature "x" style stitching designed to ensure shoulder straps never tear, and solid brass fittings, to name a few. Without Jimmey's enduring passion for leather and, more importantly, for his customers, the LAND vision would never have came true.

As of Summer 2016, all newly produced items will carry Jimmey's signature as a hot-pressed stamp on the inside to ensure his touch remains on every LAND Leather item sold around the world.