Our Story Part 1

Family-Owned, Family-Run 

For over 50 years, LAND Leather has been operated and ran by the Iszler family. Through this dedication, we believe we have established, at our core, the most important aspect of a successfully run business; taking care of our customer's as our family. By investing in one of our beautiful leather goods, you aren't just purchasing a high quality leather good that will last you a lifetime; you're investing in a belief that our customers, not our items, are what make us one of a kind.

LAND Leather was founded in 1969 by Jimmey Iszler at the young age of 28. A North Dakota farm boy who was raised believing that a life full of adventure and hard work was the key to happiness and success. After serving as a Peace Corps Field Officer in the mountains of Colombia and Peru he headed back to Washington D.C. for his Masters degree at American University. One day at class he went for a coffee break and never went back. What was supposed to be a quick coffee break was the beginning of something much bigger than he would have ever imagined. His thirst for international adventure and love of leather led him back to Belen, Colombia, South America. It was here high in the Andes mountains, one of the world's major cattle producing regions, where the first products were made and tested, and a philosophy was developed: