For over 48 years our greatest sense of motivation has been to make leather goods that can last you a lifetime. One which can be passed down from generation to generation as often is the case with our quality items. This isn't a sales gimmick; this is the foundation on which all of our products are designed, tested and made.

For a true #LANDLover, there's a strong sense of pride, of love and immense satisfaction when it's time to gift that beautifully worn and patina LAND Leather good to their son or daughter. We understand that each scratch acquired over the years tells a story and that each blemish has an adventure behind it. These are not imperfections to you; they are a beautiful collection of memories built over many years of faithful use. It is from these memories that the sentimental value for your favorite leather good develops. For as much joy as your favorite leather piece has given you over all these years, it doesn't compare to joy the of knowing your loved one will be creating their very own adventures and memories with the item that helped forge all of yours.

Why do we care so much about making items that will last a lifetime? There are numerous reasons but the main one is told above. There is simply no better feeling than creating a product that can be passed down through different generations.

Your LAND Leather good is here for the long haul; it's here to accompany you; it's here to help you make your story, but most importantly, it's here to last. It will be there for important milestones, special events and for your every day treks; whether work or play. It will be your companion at all times, no questions asked, and the best part is it'll do it with a lifetime guarantee backing it up.

We love to see our leather goods being included in your daily activities. Share your favorite LL item with us on Instagram and tag it with #LANDLover. We would greatly appreciate it!

Karl Iszler