Caring for LAND products

We use the best and highest quality leather we can find. Why? So that our items can last you as long as possible on all the treks and journeys you wish to take us on. While your LAND product can go on with minimal attention, we would like to take the time to share some key tips on proper leather care to help extend the enjoyable life of your product.

Leather is similar to the skin on your body. It has pores, is sensitive to light and will dry out if not properly cared for. This will happen over time with use in the sun and improper conditioning. You can clean and freshen its appearance by using our very own leather cleaner. LAND Leather Conditioner has been specially formulated to keep your bag looking well-conditioned, clean and protected. Also, in order to help your leather product last longer, it is a good idea to lightly oil the leather every six months. Any oil can be used, including baby oil. Simply apply the oil lightly and evenly with a cotton cloth, and let it dry for a few days in a cool area away from the sun to bring the leather back to its original state. Fine leather deserves the utmost care; even the highest quality leather will dry out and crack if not properly taken care of.
It's common for leather to scratch and fade over time; think of it as every imperfection is a story from your many adventures. Our belief has always been that this only enhances the look of your leather item.
As an additional tip, you are also able clean the inside of your bag by washing it with some mild soap and warm water, as all of our products are uniquely designed with waterproof linings. Don't worry, we've poured coffee on the inside for demonstration purposes and have yet to ruin a bag. After you're done cleaning the inside, simply leave your bag to dry and it should be ready to go in no time.


Your leather product should never be washed in a washing machine as this can cause permanent damage to the leather. Do not use any harsh cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine and other mineral spirits. Store your LAND products in a clean, cool and humid free area. Always keep your leather items out of direct sunlight as this can cause leather to dry out and fade. Should your leather ever get wet, quickly blot and absorb as much water as possible and let air dry.