For over 50 years, LAND Leather has been operated and ran by the Iszler family. Through this dedication, we believe we have established, at our core, the most important aspect of a successfully run business; taking care of our customers as our family. By investing in one of our beautiful leather goods, you aren't just purchasing a high quality leather good that will last you a lifetime; you're investing in a belief that our customers, not our items, are what make us one of a kind.

We believe the story is within the journey. Whether that journey takes you across the globe, cross country or down the street to your grocery store, we want to be right there along side you. Our office is small and much of our day to day is handled by us, Jimmey's two sons, Karl and Kevin Iszler. We prefer this as it keeps us hands on with all of you; and is the best way to build a lasting relationship. Visit us at our office and you'll find a family passionate about leather goods and two, sometimes three, friendly office pups eager to greet you.

So what exactly do we do? We're makers of leather bags and accessories designed with your passions and adventures in mind. As with many things, our leather companions will only get better with time as they age alongside you and build their own unique story as you have done so throughout your life. Our customer service is unmatched and our leather goods are all made with the highest quality materials we can source and backed by our "no non-sense" lifetime guarantee that covers any and all manufacturing defects. There is no catch. We don't need to see your proof of purchase. We don't need you to be the original owner. We just need you to be a customer. We're in this for the long haul.


Our story begins in 1969 where our father Jimmey at the young age of 28, couldn't find any leather luggage he deemed worthy. Why luggage? Well, our father was a North Dakota farm boy who was raised believing that a life full of adventure and hard work was the key to happiness and success. He was well known for his journeys and adventures at a young age but had yet to find a suitable companion that could keep up with his rigorous demands.

After serving as a Peace Corps Field Officer in the mountains of Colombia and Peru he headed to Washington D.C. for his Masters degree at American University. One day at class he went for a coffee break and never went back. What was supposed to be a quick coffee break was the beginning of something much bigger than he would have ever imagined. His thirst for international adventure and love of leather led him back to Belen, Colombia, South America. It was here high in the Andes Mountains, one of the world's major cattle producing regions, where the first products were made and tested, and a philosophy was developed:


The largest Colombian tanneries were only interested in producing industrial grade leather so Jimmey realized it was necessary to go deep into the countryside where rural artisans and craftsmen tanned leather. Nestled high in the Andes in a little town called Belen, he learned from master tanners the basics of tanning, finishing and working leather. Jimmey learned the individual touch each hide needs and how leather can be crafted into a beautiful work of art. He knew that with something as noble as leather, he needed excellent complimentary materials such as real brass hardware, durable zippers, tough waterproof linings, and high tensile strength nylon thread.

Today, after more than five decades of business, we continue to honor our father's philosophy through our firm commitment to our products by continuing to offer a lifetime guarantee on all manufacturing defects. Throughout our long history we have been fortunate enough to build some special relationships with our amazing production and retail partners, in addition to you, our customer. Some of our original artisans are still with us today and it gives us great pride to see a second generation, some of who have studied in Italy, now taking over the reins - further cementing our father's legacy and it's future.

Our relationship with leather is unique and what we love most. We exclusively use native Colombian leather due to it's unique characteristics and only use hides that are a by-product of the meat industry. The high altitudes of the Andes make for thicker and more durable hides in addition to sporting less insect bites. The leather is tough, yet supple and ages in a manner you'll be hard pressed to find in any other natural material. Over the years we've persuaded our tanners to break the "traditional" way of finishing leather. Even though many hides come to us with blemishes, insect bites, cured scratches, and cured branding, we remain adamant that our premium products are made from vegetable tanned full and top grain leathers - our preference. Often times a tanner will prefer to sand down the hide as they are concerned that the natural scratches and imperfections will show. Over the years we have convinced them that our customers want to see real leather and appreciate the natural imperfections and stories that each hide possesses. Each leather hide is unique in it's own way. Much like your finger prints, no two hides are alike.

From everyday journeys to extraordinary treks, we believe in handcrafting the finest leather goods to accompany you on all your adventures.

Our full and top grain leather, hand-casted solid brass hardware, one of kind water proof linings and high strength stitching uphold our promise of uncompromised quality and craftsmanship.

Buy once, buy LAND.


With his enduring love for leather and constant drive for perfection, LAND Leather Goods has become what it is today - a beautiful collection of stylish and fashionable leather goods of uncompromising quality, to be appreciated by consumers seeking the very best craftsmanship leather has to offer. Jimmey never considered short-cuts and vowed to only offer his customers the highest quality leather products available all designed to outlast generations and countless adventures. Although Jimmey is no longer with us, his vision of producing and selling uncompromised leather products remains a core value thanks in part to the Iszler family continuing the tradition. Brand loyalty for LAND Leather goods for over the last 50 years has been nothing short of exceptional; thanks in large part to Jimmey's unwavering pursuit of perfection and innovative ideas. His design influence and constant attention to detail has resulted in many signature LAND design elements that have positioned LAND Leather as one of the highest-quality leather brands available; including a unique & custom made one of a kind water resistant lining, premium durable zippers, our signature "x" style stitching designed to ensure shoulder straps never tear, and sand-cast solid brass hardware which are all individually hand poured into molds at our foundry. Without Jimmey's enduring passion for leather and, more importantly, for his customers, the LAND Leather vision would never have realized.

LAND Leather and the Iszler family continue to honor the beliefs and love of leather Jimmey always shared. As of Summer 2016, all newly produced items will carry Jimmey's signature as a hot-pressed stamp on the inside to ensure his touch remains on every LAND Leather item sold around the world. We would like to thank you all for continuing to support our family business. Our favorite part of our business is having you as our customers.

- The Iszler Family