There's no doubt whiskey is an acquired taste; you either like it or you don't. The origin of whiskey can date back over 1,000 years when the distillation process made its way over from Europe into Scotland and Ireland. Who should we thank for this introduction? Traveling monks. Since they didn't have the vineyards to make wine, the Scottish and Irish monasteries began to ferment grain marsh which resulted in the first modern distillations of modern whiskey.

Fast forward over a thousand years and you have whiskeys that come in different flavors and tones. Bourbon, scotch, rye; so many terms are involved in finding the right choice for you. We implore you to take some time and do some research on which flavor profiles and styles are best suited for what you are looking for. For now, we're just going to give you our breakdown of our top picks from the LAND Leather family.

  1. Makers Mark ($) - America's most iconic contribution to the whiskey world seemed like a great place for us to start. Made in their historic distillery in Kentucky with additions of red winter wheat, this bourbon is crafted to be smooth on your palette with some notes of vanilla and caramel. 
  2. Four Roses ($-$$) - We're suckers for brands with history and Four Roses has been pumping out whiskeys for 130 years. Without getting too much into their proprietary yeast strains that make them unique, they have 10 different whiskeys to pick from. You're bound to find one you like!
  3. Yamakazi 12 Year Old Whiskey ($$$$$) - A bit of history here as this was Japan's first whiskey distillery which opened in 1923 - did we mention we like brands with history? Featured as the best whiskey in the 2015 Whiskey Bible, you can expect a flavor profile which is less smoky than scotch and less sweet than bourbon. It'll provide you with a toasty malt profile and spice with a hint of fruits.
  4. Michter's Straight Rye ($$) - This is a soft and subtle rye with a sweet and light aroma. The palate is light and sweet and the finish will barely qualify as a medium length. You'll get hints of oak, citrus, vanilla, spice and a bit of dark fruit and sugar along with some other subtle favorites.
  5. High West A Midwinter's Night Dram Whiskey Limited Release ($$$$) - A series of special releases make this last pick of ours all the more special to have. Aged for six years in French oak & port barrels, you'll find out quickly what the fuss is about. This limited edition whiskey begins with scents of brandied cherries, sun-dried raisins, fig jam, dried orange peel, baking spice and French oak toast and boasts flavors of strawberry rhubarb, vanilla caramel, toffee and leather a hint a spearmint and some other great flavors. This is an all around winner.

Whichever you chose, the perfect way to make sure your favorite beverage is with you at all times is with our Atlas Flask. Made from beautiful vegetable tanned leather and hand crafted by trained artisans here in the United States, this classic style will age beautifully alongside you and your adventures.


Karl Iszler