In the 50 plus years we have been fortunate enough to be in business, we have seen all kinds of instances that left us in awe of how durable and strong leather is and the longevity this natural material possesses. In July of 2021 we received an email from a longtime customer, John, that absolutely blew us away and cemented in our minds what we already knew - there is no material quite like leather.

John's email was one that met us with heartbreak but was interesting to receive and learn more about. The following story and images we share with his permission as a testament to how leather is truly a one of a kind material.

In late June of 2021, John suffered a major fire in his South Carolina home and as such, it was completely destroyed. Among his many personal belongings that were lost, laying in the remains of his home were his two LAND Leather briefcases and wallet. It was no surprise to him that the leather goods were absolutely scorched. The leather had taken a beating as anyone would expect. He was told by the fire inspector that he estimated temperatures during the fire rose to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit; evident by the way metals near his leather goods were melted and left. What was a surprise to him however, was the condition his belongings inside his LAND Leather Goods were in. While the exterior of his leather goods were absolutely destroyed, the interior, and his personal belongings remained in near pristine condition. All the files off his laptop were even able to be recovered and transferred to a new laptop. All the items in his wallet, left untouched and able to see another day. 

We ultimately decided to replace John's leather goods for him and John was kind enough to send in his damaged goods - thanks again John!; so that we could see first hand just how well the items held up given the extreme temperatures. Nearly two years later, we hope John is enjoying his new home and his new leather goods and that the next time we hear from him, it'll be to let us know of the great adventures his new goods have seen.

Karl Iszler