If you are anything like our family, the thoughts of spending the fast approaching Holiday season with our loved ones, after spending most of the year without them, brings a glowing warmth to your heart. However, the big question this year might be, "what do I get them?" Let's be honest, that's the big question every year but this year, it's simply all that more important to find the perfect gift. There is simply something special about the gentle and unmistakable aroma that accompanies a leather good. An aroma that we may be partial to, but believe compliments the many holiday smells so perfectly. Whether a simple bifold, a two handle tote, a stylish new belt, a new home & office good, or a complete travel set for the upcoming adventures that await, we could not think of a place we would enjoy having our leather goods lay under than your holiday tree. 

Our team has hand selected the most popular, thoughtful and functional styles from our online store and curated a list of leather goods that will be sure to delight whoever is on the receiving end of your thoughtful gift. Still not sure what to get them? A gift card gives them the gift of choice.



Karl Iszler