Today we are proud to say that for half a century, we have put our hearts, minds and souls into manufacturing premium, high quality leather goods fit for your every day journeys. The passion and love for high quality products has run deep in our veins since our very first days high in the Colombian mountains.

We celebrate this iconic year with a symbolic, special release collection that's available for a limited time only. "Passionate" is a word we routinely use to describe our faithful LAND Lover's. Passionate about high quality leather goods, passionate about life, passionate about the level of craftsmanship that they demand from us and our products and most importantly passionate about the journeys life takes them on. Journeys that we have been more than lucky to accompany them on for over 50 years. Our anniversary red color is an ode to that incredible passion. A deep, full and profound red that resembles the hearts of our most loyal LAND Lover's and our commitment to providing the highest quality leather goods available.

From June 2019 to May of 2020, we will produce limited quantities of our Santa Fe Collection in our Anniversary Red color. This exclusive collection features 16 of the best sellers from our most loved and recognized collection. Each item will feature it's very own 50th Anniversary cotton bag for storage and will feature a unique passport hang tag which will serve as your ticket to a special anniversary gift. Using this passport tag, travel to any of the 8 listed destinations on the tag and visit a local LAND Dealer. Purchase your next LAND Leather good to receive a unique and exclusive stamp from that country. After getting 4 different unique stamps, we'll send you a free gift at no cost to you.

Our goal for our 50th year celebration? We want to say thank you to our LAND Lover's located around the globe. Our father's dream would not be here today, 50 years later, if not for the support and passion of our customers and their ongoing devotion to high quality leather goods.

Arriving in stores June 17th, LAND Lover's can expect for this line to roll out at local LAND dealers throughout the summer months.

Karl Iszler