Dress belts should have a few inches of leather to the left of the buckle once it's fastened on your waist. Just enough to tuck under your first belt loop, or if the belt has, the loop on the belt. The preferred hole to utilize is the middle hole on your belt.

To be safe you can always err on the side of shortness if you need to, instead of wrapping a long tail of leather around your hip a second time.

Fortunately, casual belts have a little more room for flexibility, but an overly long belt end is still not a fashionable look.

Belts are usually measured with a range of pant sizes. It's best to pick your belts two to four sizes larger than your pants are to get a good fit. If you wear a 34″ trouser waist, a belt labeled 36″-38″ will probably be the right fit for you. 

Pant Size Approximate Belt Size
28 30-32
30 32-34
32 34-36
34 36-38
36 38-40 
38 40-42
40 42-44
42 44-46
44 46-48
46 48-50


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