The busiest time of the year for travel is upon us. Let us share just some of the most important tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your next trip.

In 2016 a record breaking 66,960,943 Americans alone traveled abroad; that’s an increase of 8 percent over the previous year. Despite the number of people traveling, many do not know how to properly pack for their upcoming trip. So caught up in the excitement of their adventure, often time they may overlook what they want and need to take with them. This oversight in planning ahead can literally make or break your entire travel experience and be the difference between a memorable trip and a forgettable one. With the ability to go anywhere in the world, traveling is becoming a more routine venture for everyone. Whether it be for business or leisure, travelers need to understand how to properly plan their next trip. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Follow some of these tips and tricks and to make sure your next voyage is one you’ll love and cherish.

Let’s face it; one of the most important aspects of any trip is the weather. A classic mistake is not looking at the local weather forecast and planning ahead for it accordingly. Often overlooked because of the excitement, this should be step one as it’ll tell you exactly what clothes you need to pack and will make sure you are as comfortable as possible and able to enjoy your time at your destination. In an era of smart phones, you are literally one screen touch away from properly planning this crucial first step. Do some extensive research before hand and you can build a detailed list of every article of clothing you should take. Maybe you’ll need some sweat pants or maybe where you’re going you’re better off with shorts. Whatever the case, we’ll recommend the best way to pack whatever your trip calls for in a bit. One good piece of advice? Comfortable shoes are always a must.

Another important tip is to pay close attention to the economic situation at your destination, especially if it’s to another country. Some years ago, many tourists were in for a surprise during the busiest travel time in Greece when they arrived and failed to take into account that the majority of places were only taking cash due to their economic struggles. Always plan to take cash even if you expect to pay in credit card. You don’t want to get stuck looking for an ATM at the worst possible moment. It’s also a good idea to let your credit card company know you are traveling as some will freeze your account after they see a purchase in another part of the country or world for security reasons. Calling your credit card company is not something you probably want to deal with when traveling abroad. With the two most important things out of the way now, it’s time to think about what other things you want to take. First things first; make a packing list. Do you know what type of wall outlet they use if it's an international trip? Do you have all your camera attachments and batteries? Have you thoroughly thought about all the toiletries you’ll need? No need to pack your entire perfume or cologne bottle. These small and inexpensive bottles will allow you to take enough for your trip without having to worry about your perfume bottle shattering during transit. Packing liquids in your toiletry bag? Put those in a sealable plastic bag to avoid any spills and frustration when you open it at the hotel. Even though LAND Leather items are waterproof, it just makes clean up so much easier should a spill happen.

With that out of the way, it sounds like you’re ready to start packing your luggage! Pockets are your best friend so make sure that duffle bag or wheel pack you’re using has convenient pockets. Make sure to take advantage of every possible nook and cranny you can find. Don’t fold your clothes, roll them. You can take two shirts and roll them together so you can fit one roll of shirts where you would fit two individuals. Tightly rolled clothes take up less space than folded ones. Plus, they're less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases. Packing extra shoes? Put some socks in them and take advantage of what would otherwise be wasted space. Line the inside walls of your bag with your belts to keep from having to roll them up and find a place for them. Airports and airplanes can sometimes be cold and long gone are the days they provide you with a pillow and blanket for your flight. Take your sweater with you and avoid having to pack it in your luggage. Just another way to save space, plus it makes for a quick pillow or blanket should you sleep on the plane. Are you packing heavy winter clothes? These articles of clothing take up more space so you can try to pack them by rolling them. However, the best option might be a compression sack. Use them to shrivel your clothes into a vacuum-packed, tiny, tight bundle that takes up minimal suitcase space. You’re almost ready to go!

Almost as important as what you pack is what you pack it in. With traveling comes a lot of walking and moving around. Make sure you’re comfortable with the size of the bag you are traveling with. If you pick one that’s too small you will find yourself looking for the nearest laundromat. However, if you end up taking a bag that’s too big you will end up lugging around something that’s extremely unpleasant to travel with and you might not even have needed all the extra space. Is your trip at one location? If so, a larger luggage piece probably isn’t that big of a deal but if your trip involves traveling to numerous places with the aid of trains, more flights and numerous taxi rides, you’ll do yourself a huge favor by taking the smaller bag. Well, sounds like you’re packed and ready to go. Print those boarding passes because your LAND bags are ready for their next adventure.

Bon voyage and safe travels, #LANDLover's!

Karl Iszler