A lot of fuss has been made these days about RFID blocking technology and keeping your personal information safe from hackers. The truth is simple and to the point - it isn't needed. What is RFID? It's basically technology that lets you pass your credit card over the credit card machine and allows you to quickly and efficiently pay for your purchase. Let's begin with a little known fact. Less than 1% of all credit cards even contain any RFID technology in the card itself. You're probably asking yourself, "you mean all this fuss over cards that are barely even being used?". Ready for it? Yes. The RFID industry has grown immensely over the last couple of years thanks in part to the fear they have instilled in all of us. Every little advertisement has not only led to unwarranted fear that your identity can be stolen directly from your wallet but has also led to people spending unneeded amounts on RFID blocking technology whether it be in a wallet, a handbag, a passport case or something similar.

Pay close attention the next time you are at the cashier paying for groceries or at the gas station paying for a bottle of water and some snacks. Did you just use your smartphone to pay? Did you have to insert your credit card into the credit card terminal because it has a chip? Odds are you did and odds are you weren't aware that those two methods to pay are far more secure than a credit card equipped with RFID technology. The majority of the world is using wireless mobile payments at stores now-a-days. Just another quick fact, Apple Pay had more users and adopters in its first day in the market than all active users of RFID credit card products combined.

Now, do RFID scanning technologies actually exist? Of course they do. Could someone sitting on a park bench potentially snag your credit card information simply by having the necessary equipment needed? They could. Is it time consuming and an inefficient way of stealing your information? Absolutely. Unfortunately, in today's world credit card theft is very common. At any given time a criminal can go online to a special website and buy a credit card number for a small price. Furthermore, really crafty cyber thieves hack into websites to steal hundreds, to thousands to even millions of credit card numbers at once. With that kind of ability, why would someone resort to buying all the necessary and pricey equipment and sitting in a park waiting for someone to walk by simply to take one credit card number at a time? We don't think that makes any sense and we're willing to bet you're thinking the same too. Over 75% of Americans own credit cards and the chances of your credit card information being stolen are higher than ever, but rest assured it won't be by that guy sitting on a park bench.

I guess if you've read this entire blog, you've figured out by now that we do not find it necessary to produce our items with RFID blocking technology. Why exactly? Well aside from the reasons above, we rather keep this unneeded cost away from our customers and rather let you all focus on what really matters - choosing what color LAND wallet fits you best!

Karl Iszler