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Atlas Travel Mug


Collection Details

Our Atlas Collection features old world city maps on some of today's most needed accessories. Our Atlas travel mug is the perfect way to carry around your beverage of choice; hot or cold. It is microwavable safe after removing the metal ring. You can easily switch between the travel lid for drinking and the mason jar lid for easy transport. The leather sleeve is removable for easy cleaning or if your mug happens to break you can slide it over your replacement. Please do not submerge in water.

Each travel mug comes assembled with: one mason jar with original ring and lid, one laser etched leather-sleeve and one Cuppow travel lid (BPA free, 100% recyclable).

Made in collaboration with Tactile Craftworks.

Product Details

- Measurements: 7" x 3½"
- Holds 24 oz. of liquid
- Vegetable tanned leather
- Lifetime Warranty
- High tensile strength nylon thread 
- Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Caring for your leather good is essential to it's longevity and making sure it will last for generations. We recommend using our All In One Leather Cleaner every 6 months. Our vegetable tanned leather's when properly cared for should feel slightly oiled and have a rich appearance. Like your own skin, it will need to be moisturized as soon as it begins to feel dry.

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